Microsoft SQL Server is one of the highly used relational database application of the current time. For its advanced internal structure and reliability, many organizations use SQL Server database to store their business critical data. Unfortunately, sometimes due to virus infection, operating system malfunction, file system corruption or other similar reasons, the SQL database gets corrupt and the data in it becomes inaccessible. The first, best solution if DBCC CHECKDB reports consistency errors is to restore from a known good backup. However, if you cannot restore from a backup, then CHECKDB provides a feature to repair errors. If system level problems such as the file system or hardware may be causing these problems, it is recommended you correct these first before restoring or running repair. There are cases where even the DBCC CHECKDB is unable to repair a corrupted database. In such situations, Stellar Phoenix SQL Database repair software can help you fix the corruption and restore the data back in some cases even when the data is deleted.

The software is absolutely risk-free and recover inaccessible database components from the corrupt MDF file in three easy steps: Select, Repair and Save. Below steps will guide you through the SQL Server database recovery process:

Repair a Corrupt MDF File with Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair Tool

  • Download and install the Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair Software from link provided above. For testing, you are provided a demo version with all features except saving the repaired .MDF file.
  • On the main screen of the application, you can navigate to the location of the corrupt MDF file by clicking ‘Select Database‘ button and choose the file from its location. A great feature I think is the ability to do directory file searches. Click the ‘Find‘ button on the selected directory and it will find any .mdf files in that location.


Another way is by checking for these options in the ‘Quick Access Toolbar’ or click ‘Select Database’ icon from ‘File Menu’.

Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair allows to include deleted records in MS SQL database (MDF) repaired file. By check-boxing the above highlighted [Include Deleted Records], the repair process will try to recover any deleted records (if found).

  • The software is pretty fast in scanning the corrupt database file and quickly displays all the recoverable components in a tree structure. The object explorer on the left pane of the application shows the items in a sorted tree. Collapse click on any table from the tree to preview the content in the middle pane. The bottom pane shows the message log.


From the application menu toolbar, you can search for database objects like tables with the [Find Tree Item]. You have the ability to ‘Match Case’ or ‘Match Whole Words’. Either way you can sift through an unfamiliar database or a large database with ease.

  • After the repair, if you wish to save the database – select the database objects to be recovered from the tree and click the ‘Save’ button from the tool bar. Alternately, you can also click the ‘Save’ button from the Quick Access Toolbar. You can save just the specific objects or the entire database.
  • The ‘Save’ button another window opens up for connecting to the server or exporting the data to other mediums.  If you select MSSQL and click ok, then you are prompted with another dialog

box to connect to the destination SQL Server. You will also have the other for creating a new database or [LIVE] database. The repaired database files can be saved at the default SQL Location for the target server or you have the ability to selection a new location. The choice is yours at this point.



  • After connection is established and database is successfully saved, a message “File saved at the desired path” is displayed for confirmation.


REVIEW:  5-star-rating-810x540

Stellar SQL Database Repair tool has the exact capabilities and more when it comes to repairing a corrupted database. The super-fast scan technology is able to retrieve data from a corrupted database and create a new database or export data into other mediums. I was not expecting such additional out-of-box functionalities. This is a DBCC CHECKDB repair tool on steroids.


  1. Hey Samuel, A big hug!!

    I used this software and it worked very well. I will also recommend this SQL database repair software.


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