The All-In-One Recovery Database Toolkit


Stellar Data Recovery has a number of software that works on the Microsoft SQL Server platform to provide data recovery solutions where it all seems to be lost. Most SQL Database administrators and developers would one day face one or more of these questions:

  • Do you have a corrupt database file and need to recover the data?
  • Do you have a corrupt backup file that you are unable to restore?
  • Did you forget or do not know the password to connect to your SQL Server instance?

If you are in need of a solution for all three issues above or just one or two, then look no further than the Stellar SQL Database Toolkit.

The Stellar SQL Database Toolkit is a combination of three tools developed to recover database from corrupt SQL server, extract database from corrupt SQL backup file and to reset SQL Server Admin and user passwords.

Stellar SQL Database Toolkit software has a very easy to use graphical user interface (GUI). The Software toolkit features itself a reliable solution that can complete the recovery of corrupt SQL Server primary data files (.mdf), recovery of corrupt SQL Server Backup (.bak) files, and lastly the recovery of passwords from the SQL Server system database primary data file (master.mdf).

The installation piece of this suite of Software toolkit is very easy and user friendly. The below steps would help you to successfully install the toolkit.

  1. Run the Stellar SQL Database Toolkit.exe to open the setup dialog box.
  2. Click next and accept the License Agreement to continue.
  3. Browse and specify the location and folder for the binary installation file and click next to continue.
  4. Select checkbox per installation requirements for the additional task screen.
  5. Review your installation configurations and select back to modify any settings. Click start to install if ready.
  6. Click Finish after a successful completion of the install.

Launch the Stellar SQL Database toolkit from your start menu under programs.  The tool provides you with a landing page with the three separate tools that can be used for its designated purposes. I would be providing next an overview of each tool and how it can assist in your work or organization.

Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair:

Databases are not new to virus infection, operating system malfunction, file system corruption, and user errors. The SQL database does get corrupt and the data in it becomes inaccessible. The first, best solution if DBCC CHECKDB reports consistency errors is to restore from a known good backup. However, if you cannot restore from a backup, then CHECKDB provides a feature to repair errors. If system level problems such as the file system or hardware is the root cause, then it is recommended to you to correct these first before restoring or running repair. There are cases where even the DBCC CHECKDB is unable to repair a corrupted database. In such situations, Stellar Phoenix SQL Database repair software can help you fix the corruption and restore the data back in some cases even when the data is deleted. Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair allows to include deleted records in MS SQL database (MDF) repaired file. By check-boxing the above highlighted [Include Deleted Records], the repair process will try to recover any deleted records (if found).


Stellar Phoenix SQL Password Recovery:

Did you inherit a SQL Server database and no one knows the password to the user especially SA account? There are ways that you could possibly reset this password to system administrative access to the instance. Most of these steps are tedious and require high level technical knowledge to be able to accomplish that. The Stellar team invented a simple handy password recovery tool that changes or reset your forgotten SA account or even other user’s passwords.


Stellar Phoenix SQL Backup Recovery:

Stellar Phoenix SQL Backup Recovery is useful in the life of a database administrator during disaster recovery times. It also comes in handy to retrieve database objects from a SQL backup without having to restore the entire database.  In cases where a proper backup and recovery plan is not established and an attempt to restore a backup fails due to the file being corrupted; the Stellar Phoenix SQL Backup Recovery tool will resolve all types of damages in MS SQL database backup (.bak) files. After fixing inconsistencies in the damaged database backup file, it begins to recover individual objects in your database. The recovered database objects can be exported to different file formats to any destination location on the server.


REVIEW:  5-star-rating-810x540

Stellar SQL Database Toolkit bundles up three essential database administrator’s or developer’s tool that has the exact capabilities and more when it comes to repairing a corrupted database, backup or resetting database user passwords. The super-fast recovery technology is able to retrieve data from a corrupted database or backup file and create a new database or export data into other formats. The SQL user password reset tool allows the average user to change passwords without in-depth technical knowledge. I was not expecting such additional out-of-box functionalities such as multiple backup supports (full, differential, or transaction log). This is an all-in-one solution tool that I would definitely recommend to any IT personnel that works with SQL Server databases.

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