Querying Microsoft SQL Server with Transact-SQL

Course Description for SSQL 401

SSQL 401 (12 Credit Hours) – free in conjunction with SQL DBA Training SDBA 441**
Offered In-Class and Remotely

Querying Microsoft SQL Server with Transact-SQL
Prerequisite: Prior IT course, IT experience, or instructor approval.
Course Description: Introductory to Advanced coverage of the technical skills required to write basic Transact-SQL queries for Microsoft SQL Server. Do you have a solid Transact-SQL foundation? This standards-based query language, also known as T-SQL, is used to work with data in SQL Server and Azure SQL Database and is a fundamental skill for aspiring database professionals and application developers.

Course Content:  Microsoft SQL Server is a feature rich database management system product. Database administrators cannot keep up with the enormous amount of T-SQL commands and their syntax to get information from SQL Server. Each and every feature supported by SQL Server has its own list of commands. This course covers T-SQL statements that are useful for SQL Server database administrators. The T-SQL statements covered in this article are classified into three categories as below: DML, DDL, and DCL


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