Install R in 5,4,3,2,1…

Install R and RStudio on Windows 7, 8, and 10 1. Download R from 2. Click on Download R for Windows. Click on base. Click on Download R 3.3.2 for Windows (or a newer version that appears). 3. Install R. Leave all default settings in the installation options. 4. Download RStudio Desktop for windows from (it should be called something like RStudio 1.0.136 — Windows Vista/7/8/10). … Continue reading Install R in 5,4,3,2,1…

Read your SQL trace files from SSMS using Transact-SQL

As a DBA/developer, you probably face a scenario where you need to trace your SQL Server for various reasons. This blog digs directly into how to read the trace (*.trc) file after you capture the required data. This blog would not demonstrate how to capture a trace on SQL Server. It is assumed that readers … Continue reading Read your SQL trace files from SSMS using Transact-SQL


CORRUPTION TOOLKIT: BACKUP & RESTORE - See if the backup is clean once you restore (usually on another server. BCP (Bulk Copy) & DB ATTACH - try to BCP remove the corrupt tables and restore (attach) the remaining database REBUILD/REPAIR databases System database issues (corruption) - rebuild will replace system database then you can replace … Continue reading CORRUPTION 101

How to Install Python 2 with PyCharm (Windows ONLY)

Installing Python 2 is a simple process as compared to the dark ages of Python, the installer will now even set the path variable for you (a whole different topic to discuss). Please click link to download the executable windows Python installer Download and run the installer, select “Install for all users,” and then click “Next.” … Continue reading How to Install Python 2 with PyCharm (Windows ONLY)