The All-In-One Recovery Database Toolkit

Stellar Data Recovery has a number of software that works on the Microsoft SQL Server platform to provide data recovery solutions where it all seems to be lost. Most SQL Database administrators and developers would one day face one or more of these questions: Do you have a corrupt database file and need to recover … Continue reading The All-In-One Recovery Database Toolkit


The backup and restore component of Microsoft® SQL Server™ provides an important safeguard for protecting critical data stored in SQL Server databases. With proper planning, you can recover from many failures, including: Media failure. User errors. Permanent loss of a server. As curators of SQL Server databases, we are one day faced with the most … Continue reading SQL DATABASE RECOVERY TECHNIQUES


Microsoft SQL Server is one of the highly used relational database application of the current time. For its advanced internal structure and reliability, many organizations use SQL Server database to store their business critical data. Unfortunately, sometimes due to virus infection, operating system malfunction, file system corruption or other similar reasons, the SQL database gets … Continue reading CORRUPTION 102 – STELLAR PHOENIX DATABASE REPAIR TOOL

Migration of SSRS to Another Instance

Introduction You can move the report server databases that are used in an installation SQL Server Database Engine to an instance that is on a different computer. Both the reportserver and reportservertempdb databases must be moved or copied together. A Reporting Services installation requires both databases; the reportservertempdb database must be related by name to … Continue reading Migration of SSRS to Another Instance

Cool Maintenance T-SQL Scripts

How to run an integrity check on all databases DECLARE @SQL VARCHAR(1000) DECLARE @DB sysname DECLARE curDB CURSOR FORWARD_ONLY STATIC FOR SELECT [name] FROM master..sysdatabases WHERE [name] NOT IN ('tempdb') and DATABASEPROPERTYEX(name, 'Status') != 'OFFLINE' ORDER BY [name] OPEN curDB FETCH NEXT FROM curDB INTO @DB WHILE @@FETCH_STATUS = 0 BEGIN SELECT @SQL = 'USE … Continue reading Cool Maintenance T-SQL Scripts


How to Restore Database from a Shared Network Location --Restore Database from a shared network location --Change N' as needed and database name USE [master] RESTORE DATABASE [Db_Test] FROM DISK = N'\\Server_Name\Folder_Name\db_test.bak' WITH FILE = 1, MOVE N'DB_Test' TO N'F:\SQLData\Folder_Name\db_test.mdf', MOVE N'DB_Test_log' TO N'F:\SQLLogs\Folder_Name\db_test_log.LDF', NOUNLOAD, STATS = 5 GO   How to get Database Restore … Continue reading COOL T-SQL BACKUP/RESTORE QUERIES

How to change SQL Server Instance Collation in an Always On Environment.

SUMMARY You have successfully installed and configured a 2-Node Cluster with Always On which has been deployed into Production. Well you notice later that your 2 SQL Server Standalones participating in your AlwaysOn have different Server Collation. Assuming: Server A: Latin1_General_CI_AS - Case Insensitive Server B: SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS ACTION We are instructed as DBA's to get … Continue reading How to change SQL Server Instance Collation in an Always On Environment.